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Made in the USA!

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All of these toys are made right here in the good ol' USA! Toys_in_Portland_Slinky

The classic slinky is still made in the USA!  Our slinky expert Megan claims that the metal ones work best for springing down stairs, but the plastic ones come in really fun colors!


These unique kits include everything you need for some high quality and unique craft time!  Available in Sumi-e Ink Painting, Amate Cut Paper, Book Making and Collage Print Making.


This unique ring is two toys in one!  Separate the rubber and wooden rings for either a soft teether or a grab & hold toy.  Made with soft cornstarch rubber and maple hardwoods this toy is safe for baby and the environment.  And, the rubber ring is dishwasher safe!

Have a happy day!

-Child's Play