Child's Play Toy Store in Portland


ToysMegan PeronaComment

Isn't that a cool magic trick?!  We had a mad scientist show us how to do it, but you don't have to be a mad scientist to figure it out.  Need some Magformers?  May we suggest...


How about lighted Magformers?!  All the magnetic building fun of a regular set, but with lights!  Charge the LED lights with the included USB cord, then build houses, rockets, diamonds, pinwheels and more!  P.S. the light up diamond looks really cool!


Looking for some mobile Magformers?  Build your car, then race it!  Create cars, trucks, space vehicles and more!  Battery operated.


If you're just getting started with Magformers this is our recommendation.  Just enough pieces to get you started, and you can do the cool globe trick we did in the video!

Have a sensational day!

-Child's Play