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Mail Call!

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Today is Thank a Mailman Day!  And, February is National Letter Writing Month!  So, first, THANK YOU to the wonderful mailmen who deliver and pick-up Child's Play's mail.  We really appreciate it! Second, let's write some letters!  Do you have a pen pal?  Some of our employees do, and they love writing a note, decorating and then sending it off, knowing that a loved one will soon enjoy it!  Getting a letter in the mail brightens everyone's hearts, and this world can undoubtedly use some brighter hearts and a few more smiles.  So, let's make it happen!  Here's a few letter writing supplies to get you started:


Stationary.  Check.  These stand-up notecards are one of our favorite things in the store.  Illustrator Marc Boutavant is a Child's Play favorite, and his critters would be so fun to find in your mailbox!  Seriously, dancing french mice - how could that not make your day!  Oh, and there's a card of a bear lying in a hammock blowing bubbles?!  Too cute for words!


Writing Utensil.  Check.  You can use anything to write your letters - markers, pencils, crayons, watercolor paints (if you want to be extra fancy!), but we really like this 10-in-1 pen.  Ten colors, all just one click away!  Perfect for writing and decorating!


Decorations for the letter and the envelope.  Check.  Stamps are fun for all sorts of art projects, especially letter writing.  (Yes, we fully believe that letter writing is an art.)  These bright and cheery stamps are perfect for little hands to grab onto, and the included stamp size is the perfect size.  You can even seal your letter with a kiss (stamp)!

So, who are going to write a letter to?

Have a kind day!

-Child's Play