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More new things!

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As promised, here's a peek at some more new things!  Like we said yesterday, fantastic new things are showing up every day!  Come by and see what's on the shelves! Toys_in_Portland_lego_Chima

Check out Lego's newest series, The Legend of Chima.  Chima is a magical land inhabited by six animal warrior tribes.  Sadly, the long standing peace is threatening to be broken as the tribes fight for control of the magical Chi.  Chi is an energy source for the animals, and whoever holds it has increased strength, speed and power.  It even makes cars drive faster!  You can collect the Chima Lego sets and stage your own battles, then follow along with the legend at  Here's a link to the first video:  Introduction to The Legend of Chima.


Adorable.  Check!  Practical.  Check!  Educational.  Check!  Looks like a definite buy.  Streamline makes the cutest chalkboards!  You may have seen the Robot Chalkboard in our store before.  Now you can pick up an Owl, Dinosaur or Piggy.  P.S.  We sell chalk too!


Need a girly girl gift?  How about a pink turtle?!  This guy is the perfect shade of "I'm six and I love everything pink!"  Plus, he's super cuddly.  Nap time?  Turtle cuddle buddies love naps!

Have a day full of new and exciting things!

-Child's Play