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More Star Wars!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Guys, we might have a bit of an obsession here...  We are all Star Wars, all the time.  Have a kid who can relate?  Have a parent who can relate? :)  We're so excited for Saturday's Star Wars Day!  Here's a few of the toys that have been keeping our Star Wars needs fulfilled.  

Galactic Warrior Costume, size M (3-5 years) $29.99

Looking for a costume for Saturday?  Instant Obi-Wan, right here!  Simply slip into the cloak, cinch the belt, grab your lightsaber (not included) and you're ready for some galactic battles.

Lego Yoda Alarm Clock $34.99

Waking up early is hard.  But, with a Lego Yoda alarm clock it's a lot more fun!  Easy to use on/ off and setting buttons are great for those just learning how to be responsible for their own wake-up time.  May the early morning hours be with you.

Star Wars Kaleidoscope, Ages 3+  $7.99

View the world with a colorful perspective!  These classic kaleidoscopes are fashioned after your favorite Star Wars characters.  Stocking stuffers, anyone?

Have an out of this world day!

-Child's Play