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Music Monday!

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Hello! New tunes are a great way to get your week going.  And, what's more fun than making your own tunes?  We just got the new Woofer Guitar.  It's adorable!  And, it has 3 play modes - acoustic, electric and hound dog!  Hound dog!  It sings "rawr" right in tune with any of the pre-recorded songs, or just signing it's own tune.  And, make sure to try out the Whammy Bone for special effects.  20 pre-programmed sing-alongs (lyrics booklet included), volume knob, chord buttons and strings to strum, auto off after 2 minutes.


For the more ambitious, check out the My First Music Science Kit.  Not only do you get to make your own tunes, but you make your own instruments too!  Create 6 musical instruments, learn how sounds are created, then put on your own concert!  Score!


Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Day!

-Child's Play