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Must-Have Toy: Tegu Blocks

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Have you heard of Tegu blocks?  These magnetic wooden blocks were a hot item at Christmas, and they have not lost any coolness, popularity or practicality.  Made in Honduras out of locally harvested wood, these blocks have magnets totally embedded in them so they're safe for everyone!  The smaller blocks are a great purse toy for babies, while the larger sets, and the ones with wheels (!) are great for older builders. Toys_in_Portland_tegu_explorer_set

This set is perfect for making buildings, animals and more.  Safe for babies, but with enough options to keep someone 8 and over busy for days.


This small set is great for tiny hands!  Pick one up to keep in your purse - instant (quiet) fun at a restaurant or on a plane.


Vroom!  Add wheels to your Tegu creations!  Buy a car set (shown) or just the wheels.

Have a day where things just click together!

-Child's Play