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National Chocolate Milkshake Day!

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Today's post is brought to you by our resident Chocolate Milkshake expert, Megan. Hey guys!  I am so happy to share National Chocolate Milkshake Day with you!  Here's my picks to help you celebrate:


If you're going out to celebrate, the Mayan Milkshake at Moonstruck Chocolates is  my all-time favorite.! Chocolate, almonds, a little cinnamon - oh my goodness, so tasty!  And, there's a cafe right on on NW 23rd!


If you're staying home you'll need straws for your milkshakes, so why not have Fun Straws!  Build your straw, then whip up a homemade milkshake, like the one below.  You could build your straw after you make the milkshake, but it's a lot of fun to build and can take quite a bit of time and you definitely do not want your milkshake to start melting while your busy building - just passing on my words of wisdom...


I haven't tried this recipe, but it's definitely on the To Do list.  The vegan part comes in the form of tofu instead of ice cream.  I'm intrigued, what about you?  Check out the recipe by clicking on the photo above or visiting Child's Play's Pinterest Boards!

Have a chocolately terrific day!

-Child's Play