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National Yo-Yo Day!

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Star Wars Yo-Yo, Ages 8+ $19.99, other yo-yos available $4.99 & up

Today is National Yo-Yo Day!  How are your yo-yo skills?  Can you walk the dog?  Mastered the Around the World?  What about the Superman?  If you're looking to learn some new yo-yo tricks, read up on the best type of yo-yo for you or you're just getting started, you will find a wealth of information at  They have great instructional videos, articles on maintenance and info on the differences between yo-yo models.  In need of a yo-yo?  We have a wide selection from classic Duncan yo-yos to high performance Yomega brand yo-yos.  We even have Star Wars yo-yos!

Diablo, Ages 6+ $12.99

Ok, so this isn't a yo-yo, but it's a pretty awesome alternative.  We like to think of it as a mix between yo-yo-ing and juggling.  Roll the diablo along the string, then add in tricks, flips and stunts!  Here's a fun video to show you what we're talking about:

Bow & Arrow, Ages 8+ $14.99

This is definitely not a yo-yo, but it's really awesome!  A classic bow & arrow with three suction cup arrows.  Perfect fit for a summer full of old school adventure.  This would make a fantastic graduation gift!

Have an AWESOME weekend!

-Child's Play