Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

New: adorable stools, crafts and adventure dress-up sets

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Critter Sitters, holds up to 150 lbs., available in Monkey or Owl, table not in stock at store  $34.99

Aren't these seats adorable?!  Sized for the littlest of tots, these seats are cushioned nicely and oh so cute!  Perfect for the play room, bedroom or living room.

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Looking for a new craft?  Try this easy-to-use and ultra-hip Tape Kit.  Create art and accents using the pre-printed tape and markers.  Includes 5 different tapes, a spiral bound book, markers and an idea book.  The box says to "Draw and Doodle with Trendy Tapes" - sounds fun to us!


Equip your knight so that they're ready for adventure!  ADVENTURE!  Set comes with a cape and foam sword.  Perfect for playtime (or snack time - if you're cool with swords at snack time.)

Have an epic day!

-Child's Play