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New Building Toys!

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Tegu Future Blocks, Ages 1+  $17.99 - $34.99

For those not familiar with Tegu blocks, they are classic wooden blocks with magnets embedded inside.  The blocks snap together and hold fun shapes that traditional blocks just can't do.  Tegu has taken a playroom staple and made it go from good to great!  In the newest Tegu sets your children can go to the future!  Build robots, electric cars, robo horses and more!  Plus, that electric blue against the blonde wood - oh goodness, our modern design hearts are crying out for more.

Builder Creative Set by Brio, Ages 3+  $79.99

271 pieces of awesome, open ended creativity!  This nuts and bolts kit made and sized for preschool hands is great for any kid who loves their toddler tool bench but is becoming a bit advanced for it.  Create planes, cars, buildings, robots and more with the wheels, panels, nuts and bolts included.

Architetrix Constructor Set by Hape, Ages 4+  $19.99

Start in one dimension with simple flat shapes, then use nodes & rods to add dimensions.  Build towering skyscrapers, bridges from the couch to the coffee table and more!  Handcrafted from bamboo.

Have you built anything lately?

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