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New Construction Kits!

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Plus Plus is the newest building brick out of Denmark (aka the home of Lego)!  The plastic bricks slide together with ease, but hold steady.  Create 3 or 2-D sculptures, while building creativity and strengthening motor skills.  When you come in, ask to check out the sample, they have a really pleasing smooth feel and won't hurt like Legos if you accidentally step on one.  Available in Basic or Mini Model packs.


Squigz are a new building toy that stick to virtually any flat surface, and leave no residue behind.  Using Suction Construction, you can push 'em together and pop 'em apart!  The fun colors and cool shapes will provide hours of creative play!  There's also a baby version that has a rattle and can stick to a highchair!

Have a creative day!

-Child's Play