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New Crafty Things!

Crafts, ToysMegan PeronaComment

Howdy! How's your creativity-o-meter doing lately?  Need some new toys to get everyone's creativity sensors going?  Well then, have we got the ticket for you!


Know a budding writer?  This is the perfect sword!  Mighty, witty and it fits nicely in small and big hands!  And, if a sword pen just doesn't sound like a good fit, how about a horse pen?  We've got those too!


Are your little ones not quite ready for writing (especially with a sword)?  Try out these Pop Beads!  This jug is full of beads of all sizes, textures and colors!  Great sensory toy!


Is kitchen creativity more your thing?  Jones-ing for some chocolate milk?  Try out the new Supreme Moo Mixer.  Add milk and chocolate syrup to this battery operated mixing cup, then press the button and watch it go!  Super fun!  And tasty!!

Oh man, our creative energy is going now (or maybe that's just the sugar rush from the chocolate milk.  Either way...)!  Stop by to check out these and other great art and craft kits and supplies!

Have a Craft-tastic Day!!

-Child's Play