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Toys_in_Portland_Stomp_Rocket_Ultra_LED Just like the Stomp Rockets you love, but now they LIGHT UP!  Awesome!  These rockets work just like their classic counterpoint - load the rocket, jump on the launch pad and see it soar!  The only difference is you'll need to turn on the light before loading the rocket.


Another new item from Stomp Rocket!  Launch two rockets at the same time!  See who can get their rocket to soar higher.  No batteries, no fuel - just kid power!


Be cool!  Be seen!  These ultra-bright bike lights are definitely the coolest, and safest way to travel!  LED lights blast bright beams of light in 4 modes: constant, flashing – slow, medium or fast.  Available in 5 colors.  Plus, they install in less than 30 seconds!  Zena tried them out on her bike commute last night, and said they are “so awesome!”

Have an adventure-filled day!

-Child's Play