Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

New in the store!

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For today's viewing pleasure we present: Toys_in_Portland_New


Light up drumsticks!  Tap to activate and drum away!  It's like a laser light show and music concert in one!  Awesome!


And, while we're talking about light up things...  White Lightning!  These light up sticks have 6 modes to choose from, including rainbow strobing and rainbow morphing.  What more could you possibly ask for from a light up lightning stick?


If you're playing during the daylight hours, and you're outside taking advantage of our summer sun, you most likely will need to pick up a Bucket o' Golf Balls.  This bucket comes with a collapsible club, two tees and 30 golf balls!  FORE!  (Also, don't things sound really really cool when you add "Bucket o'..." ?


Want to sit and relax instead?  Check out this adorable co-operative game by Peaceable Game!  Use your matching skills to get all the bugs snug under the rug, but hurry before the stink bugs show up!  P-U!


And a little eye candy for you!  Handmade in Seattle, these are the perfect gift for a tween girl!  Available in peace sign and owl motifs in bright, hip colors!

Have a splendid day!

-Child's Play