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New Rewards Program!

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Hello shoppers! Have you heard about our new rewards program?  We just debuted it in the store yesterday!  We are now on Perka, a cardless loyalty system that works on your phone!  It lets local merchants, like us, give special treatment to our regular customers. The more you visit, the better your perks!  And, your card is always with you!


The Perks:

As a Local you'll receive 10% off your entire purchase after 4 purchases of $25 or more.  And, for the little ones in your life, earn a trip to the Treasure Box after 5 purchases!

After 6 visits become a Regular.  Now you can earn 10% off your purchase after 4 purchases of $25 or more.  And, a trip to the Treasure Box after only 4 purchases!

The ultimate goal is to be a VIP!  VIPs get 10% off every purchase, every time you shop!  And, 40% off one item after 6 purchases of $25 or more.  Wow, that's a deal!  And, every third purchase earns you a trip to the treasure box!

On top of all of that we'll be doing Perka Specials!  Just check your Perka app to see what our current deal is!

Already have a rewards card with us?  Not a problem, either finish out your current card and then start a Perka account or we'll help you switch your existing credits over into Perka Perks.

More perks!  Better perks!  Always know what perks you have earned!  Start your Perka account today!

Have a swell day!

-Child's Play