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New Things!!

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Man, the store has the coolest stuff right now!  Our summer shipments are coming in daily and filling up the shelves!  Last week we got our first shipment from French company Janod, yesterday we started carrying Tegu magnetic wooden blocks and tomorrow we'll be getting Monkey Business outdoor toys back in stock!  Here's a sampling of the best new things in the store: Portland_Toys_tegu_endeavor_set

Tegu magnetic blocks are not only beautiful, they are "curiously attractive" - due to the magnets magically embedded in them, naturally safe, and brilliantly simple - no batteries, no screen, no instructions, no limit.  You'll love the look and feel of these blocks.  And, they're safe for baby too!  Come try out our demo pack!


Summer is the perfect time for fishing, isn't it?  Bathtub fishing that is!  This adorable set is great for the bath or as a birthday party game!  And, the price and quality can't be beat!


This thing is amazing!  Place it directly onto any object, turn on the illuminator and look through the eyepiece.  Everything will be 10x bigger!  Put it on your hand and see all the wrinkles on your hand look like mountains!  Or put it on your t-shirt and see each individual fiber!  Like the box says "Your life will be 10x stranger and 10x more interesting when everything becomes 10x bigger!"  Awesome!


From the same people who brought you Marble Racers, the light-up race car, now check out Marble Copters!  Aim toward the sky, pull back to increase tension, release to launch and watch it zoom up to 50 feet!  As soon as you release the copter will light up!  Great for late night barbecues!  And, made in the USA!

Have an awesome day!

-Child's Play