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New Things!

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Last week Pat, Margaret and Megan were lucky enough to visit the Seattle Gift & Toy Show.  They ordered some of the newest, coolest, craziest and most awesome toys you have ever laid eyes upon!  Some of the toys won't be available until March or April, but here's a sneak peek! Toys_made_in_Portland_omg_friends

These adorable, pocket-sized pals are designed right here in town! Sgt. Peepers (the owl), Truffles (the pig) and Butterscotch (the bunny) are just too cute for words.  Check them out on Instagram too!  "They'll cute your face off!"


These rubber inflated balls will be perfect for spring!  The texture is somewhere between a Gertie ball and a Playground ball.  Perfect for catch or volleyball!  Available in several sizes and colors too!  Note:  All of the colors are shiny!


Check out these snazzy Roller Derby Queens!  Monster High Dolls are super cool, and we expect these to sell fast!  Just about as fast as those girls skate around the roller derby rink!  Swish (that's a fast sound effect noise...)  Also, aren't the helmets rad?

Check back tomorrow for more New Things!

Have an awesome day!

-Child's Play