Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

New Things: Nature Edition

ToysMegan PeronaComment

These toys are all new and all have at least a bit of a nature vibe to them.  We feel that Jack Hanna would approve. Toys_in_Portland_anteater_bug_vac

Use this friendly anteater to suck up bugs into it's detachable-belly observation chamber!  Once you've collected some bugs, remove the tummy to get a close-up look and let the bugs back out into the wild.  So cool!  Anteaters are awesome!


12 blocks, 6 puzzles, endless beauty.  Charley Harper was an American wildlife artist who used geometric shapes, vivid colors and distinct patterns to illustrate the world around him.  His artwork gorgeous, especially if you're a lover of mid-century modern design.


It's a honey badger!  New to our land of stuffed animals, he fits right in among the wide-eyed squirrels, skunks and fawns.  He's got awesome claws too!

Get outside and enjoy the day!

-Child's Play