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New Things! - Part 2

ToysMegan PeronaComment

As promised, more New Things! Toys_in_Portland_zipper_bracelets

OMG!  These bracelets are the must have accessory!  Great for party favors too!


Ring Stix now come in a smaller, lighter weight version!  The original Ring Stix were a big hit last summer, and we can't wait to test out the slightly more convenient sized version.  Flick your stick and the ring goes flying off, catch the ring with your stick when your teammate flicks it back!  Super fun!


Say hello to the Tonka trucks you remember playing with as a kid.  Made out of steel and built to last, these trucks are a classic we are so happy to have back on our shelves again!  Expect to see them sometime in March!

New toys are arriving daily!  Stop by to let us help you find just the right thing for the child in your life!

Have a day full of smiles, hugs and happy sighs!

-Child's Play

P.S. Don't forget about Saturday's event!