Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

New Toys!

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Hey there! First, an event note!  Mr. Ben has a new gig at our neighbor Santa Fe Taqueria!  Stop by Santa Fe on Wednesdays from 4:30-6 to hear the family friendly sounds of Mr. Ben.  And, kids eat free at Santa Fe on Wednesdays from 4:30-6!

Secondly, at Child's Play we're always getting new things in!  Here's a few of the latest:


Eco Tot Toy Teethers are made right here in Portland!  Made from reclaimed Maple and coated with a beeswax jojoba oil blend, they're safe for even the smallest of tots.  These would make a beautiful baby shower gift.  Available in Giraffe, Bunny, Bird, Heart or Squirrel.


Squishable Micros are just as cuddly and adorable as their larger counterparts!  Plus, you can clip them onto your favorite backpack!  Available in Owl, Koala, Raccoon, Manatee and Fox.


Zombie Fluxx is quite similar to the original Fluxx card game, but in this version, well... there's zombies!  Awesome!  In Fluxx the rules are ever-changing, making it so that sometimes the zombies are keeping you from winning and then all of a sudden you want zombies.  There's even a chance everyone will lose and the zombies will win!

And, there's so much more!  Stop by to see all the other cool NEW toys, like superhero Legos, Hexbug Scarabs, Clump O Lump stuffed animals, Test Tube Aliens, Educo's Discovery Space Station and more!

Have a day full of new and exciting things!

-Child's Play