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New Toys at the Seattle Toy Show!

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We spent last weekend scoping out the best new toys for babies, kids, tweens and those who will always be a kid at heart.  There were lots of ooh and ahhs, "oh so cutes", awesomes and "we really need those"s.  New toys will start showing up during the next few weeks, but here's a sneak peek of some of our favorites.  See something you know you need?  Give us a call!  We'll take your request and give you a call when the item arrives.

We ordered a castle for the play table.  It's epic!

Clockwise from top left:  Oh Sew Cute sewing kits, Tiny Stitches by Klutz, No Sew Pillow Kits in whale and hedgehog, Spool Knit Animals by Spicebox, Create a Plush Critter Kits

We ordered a LOT of new art kits!  These ones skew to the girly side, but there's more boyish ones on the way too.  

Top Row Left to Right: New from Kid-O, Baby Blankets and Travel Pouches by Free Leaf  Middle Row Left to Right: Robot Teethers, Friction Drivers, Critter Racers by Plan Toys Bottom Row Left to Right: Clemmy  Soft Blocks, Fire Truck by Plan Toys

There was an endless supply of new baby toys, the perfect shower gifts and ideas for first birthdays.  Bath toys are great for the littlest ones too.  Check out our new picks below.

Clockwise from top left:  Boats by Plan Toys, Submarine by Kid-O, Soapsox as featured on Shark Tank, Ducky Boat by Green Toys

More new things coming in Wednesday's post!

-Child's Play