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New Toys Daily!

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We've got new toys arriving daily!  Look what just showed up! Toys_in_Portland_lego_suitcase

Legos are back in stock and there's a few NEW things on the shelf!  These suitcases come with over 140 pieces, an inspiration book and everything fits nicely inside the case!  The blue case comes with ideas for race car tracks, gas stations, and trucks.  Available in blue or pink, these are a great way to start a Lego collection or add a convenient travel piece to an already established Lego-head collection.


Blow him up and bop him around!  Ha!  El Bop-O is 36" tall, weighted with sand and is ready to battle!  And, seriously it's only $7.99!!


Dump out the gooey tar and find two prehistoric creatures trapped inside!  Awesome!  Rainy day fun here we come!

Check back tomorrow for more new things!  And, next week we'll be posting sneak peeks of new items from the Seattle Toy & Gift Show!

Have a spiffy day!

-Child's Play