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New Twilight Cuddle Buddies!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We just got a shipment from Cloud B, the makers of Twilight Turtle, and we are oohing and ahhing over the new cuteness.  How sweet would it be to tuck a little guy in with one of these... Portland_toys_glow_cuddles_bear


Hidden inside each Glow Cuddle animal is a removable heart that mimics mother's heartbeat or a car ride, and glows through the night.  With just a little hug, Glow Cuddles comforts and soothes children to sleep.  Auto shut-off, machine washable.


Need a nightlight?  How about an Octo-Twinkle?!  Project stars and bubbles anywhere you go!  This travel nightlight is battery powered, and lit with long-lasting, battery-efficient LEDs.  Auto shut-off, two color options: blue & red.


And, of course there are the classic Twilight Turtles and Ladybugs.  Project a magical starry night sky!  Cycles thru 3 colors, auto shut-off, long-lasting LEDs, and a star guide.

Have a magical day!

-Child's Play