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Weekend Must Haves #4

ToysMegan PeronaComment

The Inhuman Squishy Zombie Lab, Ages 8+  $27.99

Gross guts!  Removable limbs and flesh!  Not our usual selling points, but this zombie kit is so cool!  Use real science to solve the mystery of the zombie outbreak.  Graphic novel mystery included.  After you solve the mystery display your awesome zombie specimen!

Mix & Makeup Lip Shimmer, Ages 6+  $19.99

Mix your own colors and flavors!  Everything you need is included:  professional grade ingredients, popsicle shaped lip gloss holders, and edible glitter!  Go back to school in style!

Twinkle Twist, Ages 5+  $2.99

This toy may look simple, but it is totally mesmerizing.  Simply twist in your fingers and watch the globe on the end twinkle, twist and transform.  One of our employees likes to say they're like sparklers but without the fire bit.

What are your weekend must haves?

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