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Passports - of a different kind...

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Hey!  It's Megan here. Have a picky eater?  I grew up with one.  He didn't eat anything that was green.  It didn't matter if it was candy, fruit, vegetable or crunchberry.  If it was green it did not enter his mouth.  He even told my grandma, upon inspecting her fridge for a snack, that she shopped on the yuck aisle.  This would have been perfect for him:


Entice kids to try new things by giving them this cool "passport".  Each time they try something new they earn a stamp in their book.  There's also "pick one" questions and fill-in the blank prompts to document the experience.  For example, they'll need to choose an answer for the question "It smelled - gross or funny or good".  There are also interesting food facts peppered through out the book!

Also available in:


I was kind of a lazy kid.  This would have been the book for me.

Have a day full of new and interesting experiences!

-Child's Play