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Playgrounds: Round 2

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Aren't we lucky September is such a lovely month?!  Sunshine and comfortable temperatures make this the perfect time to enjoy a few late summer picnics in the park and playground romps! Portland_Playgrounds_Dickinson_Park

Last week we shared Red Tricycle's playgrounds you have to see to believe which came from all around the world.  But, today we're sharing a few awesome playgrounds right here in town! The prehistoric looking playground sculpture above is located right in town at Dickinson Park on SW 55th Ave.  The tire climb through the middle looks like so much fun!  Click here to see Red Tricycle's other Portland Playground Picks, and be sure to read the comments for even more great suggestions!

If you need a frisbee, playground ball, hula hoop or other fun toys for the park, just stop on in, we've got "fun" in stock!

Hope you get to go for a picnic or a romp today!  It's a lovely day for it!

-Child's Play