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Poem in Your Pocket Day

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On Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States select a poem, carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day.  You can also share your poem selection on Twitter by using the hashtag #pocketpoem.

If you're in need of a poem, we suggest perusing these books:

Anything by Shel SIlverstein.  Right now we have Falling Up, Everything On It, and A Light in the Attic in stock.  In recent years, these books have definitely moved into classic status.  Have fun soaking up these poems and illustrations year after year.  Great fun to read as a kid, great fun to read as an adult.

Everyone Out Here Knows: A Big Foot Tale by William Stafford, illus. by Angelina Marino-Heidel

Oregon Reads selection for 2014!  This thoughtful, brightly illustrated, William Stafford poem invites you for a walk through Bigfoot country; the fields, swamps and mountains of Oregon.  The words spark the imagination and capture the feeling and mystery of Bigfoot. Stafford was named Poet Laureate of Oregon in 1974, was a prolific writer and a literature professor at Lewis & Clark college.  The illustrations were created by Mariano-Heidel, whose work paint, mixed media and mural work can be seen in public & private spaces all over Oregon & beyond.  As an added bonus the flyleaves are decorated with Pacific NW native plants and includes a list of flora & fauna to find!

What's your favorite poem?

-Child's Play