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Rainy Day Fun - Orb Factory

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Rainy days are ideal for one of two things: 1.  Mud puddle jumping, which is awesome but messy.

2.  Craft projects, which are awesome and don't have to be messy.

These new kits from Orb Factory, the Sticky Mosaic people, include everything you need and require practically no clean up!


Decorate your own heart pillow!  Use the handy punch tool to apply the sparkly fabric squares.  When you're done curl up with your pillow and enjoy a well deserved nap.  And, maybe a cup of cocoa!


Make 3-D Forest Friends with this mosaic kit!  Stick on the gems, foam squares and fuzzy squares (!), then play make-believe with your new forest buddies.  This kit is easy and no mess too!


This best-selling kit is sparkly, fun and useful!  Decorate the wristlet with the provided gems, then head out on the town!  Perfect for carrying little girl treasures and allowance money.

Hope you have a day full of rainy day fun!

-Child's Play