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Reading Accessories

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As we mentioned yesterday, it's National Library Week!  So, all week we're celebrating all things reading and library related.  Today we're talking accessories! Children's_books_Portland_mark_my_time_bookmark

Need some extra reading light?  Check. Need to track your reading time for school?  Check. Need to keep track of what page you're on?  Check. This handy all-in-one bookmark, reading timer and booklight is like the swiss army knife for bibliophiles!


These woodland labels make perfect book-plates for all those favorites you might lend out.  The set includes 80 labels in assorted sizes.  Our favorite is the green label with a polka-dot mushroom.  Oh wait, no, it's the aqua one with the magenta bird.  Oh, but'll just have to come see which one you like best!


And, a snack is often nice with reading time.  Animal cracker boats anyone?

Have a snazzy day!

-Child's Play