Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Remember when...

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Toys_in_Portland_Chatter_Phone Recognize this guy?  Fisher Prices's chatter telephone has been around since 1962, and was one of their top selling toys for nearly 20 years!  Go Chatter Box!  For a brief period the rotary dial was replaced with push buttons, but due to outrage from the toy loving public the retro look is back!

And, speaking of classic toys, here's a few more we got in:


Turn the dial on the side and play along with "Pop!  Goes the Weasel," "This Old Man," or "The Muffin Man".  And, the aqua trim is so right now!


You never know when you might need to join a band or serenade a new friend, so you should always keep your xylophone handy!  Pull your xylophone along at all times, then plop down and use the mallet to strike up a tune!

Something about these toys brings up happy images of Beverly Cleary characters having parades and play dates in the park.  There's something warm and happy about these toys, nostalgic but not in a sticky saccharine way.

Hope you have a groovy day!

-Child's Play