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Ring Ring

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Some of our staff have been looking into new cell phone plans lately, and boy is it confusing.  Minutes, data, contract dates, cancellation fees...Yikes!  Wouldn't it be nice if our "grown-up" phones were as easy as these telephones: Toys_in_Portland_fisher_price_chatter_telephone

This classic pull toy has been a hit since 1961.  Pull it along, watch his eyes move and hear the phone ring!  Plus,  get that cozy nostalgic feeling when you show your kiddo how to dial a rotary phone!


The modern version of the tin can telephone, with two phones and over 10 feet of tube.  Can you hear me now?

And, we don't sell this next phone, but do you totally remember these?!  Awesome, right?

Early 90s Clear Telephone!

Have a chatty day!

-Child's Play