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Road Trip Season!

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Time to hit the road! Well, maybe not until this weekend when the kids are out of school. Before you head out on this summer's grand adventure be sure to stop by Child's Play to pick up a few surprises to keep the kids busy, entertained and happy. Here's just three ideas. If they're not quite what you're looking for, come by and we'll be happy to find you just the right toy.

Water Wow by Melissa & Doug, also available in Fairy Tale, Vehicles and Makeup & Manicure, ages 3+ $4.99

Have you tried Water Wow? They're our number one travel toy right now. Fill the pen with water, then "draw" on the pages. When you brush the water on colors appear, kind of like a paint by number. Once the water evaporates you can color again! No mess, only 2 pieces and you can reuse it over and over. Best travel toy ever.

Crocodile Dentist, Ages 4+ $12.99

OMG, a board game with no loose pieces! Open the croc's mouth, then take turns pressing his teeth down one at a time. But, don't touch the tooth with an ache! If you do...CHOMP, the croc's mouth will close and you're out. Last player left wins. No loose pieces, no batteries, no assembly.

Indestructible Books for Babies, Ages newborn+ $5.95

Traveling with a baby? These are books babies can really sink their gums into! Totally indestructible - chew proof, rip proof, non-toxic and 100% washable. You can even run it in a dishwasher! The pictures are bright and colorful. And, there are no words, so you can make up a new story each time. Happy reading!

What are your go-to travel toys?

-Child's Play