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Rough and Tumble

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Know some rough and tumble kids?  We just got a new line of cars, trucks and rockets designed for just such a kid!  WOW is a British line of super tough, kid powered (a.k.a. no batteries required) toys.  WOW says they’re "pretty much obsessed with creating super cute, super tough toys for your little ones to love."  That sounds like a group of people we want to get to know! Here's the WOW toys we just got in!


Oh man, this truck is friction powered, has a rotating mixer and makes engine and mixer sounds!  Plus, it comes with a driver and a construction barrier!


This friction powered race car really zips!  And, it makes realistic engine sounds! And, it has a driver named Jensen!  It's kind of like Top Gear for kids!


3..2..1..Blast off!  Take your spaceman for a ride in this rocket, built tough enough to withstand a few crash landings.  Check out the cockpit before take off.  Buckle in your spaceman.  Then pull the ripcord to start the vibrating blast off rumble!

Have a rollicking day!

-Child's Play