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Holiday Sale!

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Sale Sale Sale!  We've got some great items, both big and small on sale!  Here's a sampling of a few things that might be quite the hit under your tree! Christmas_Gifts_Toys_melissa_and_doug_canvas_creations

These pre-drawn canvases become instant works of art in only a few hours.  Complete with paint and brushes, your little Picasso will be happily content, painting away on the next rainy day.  Melissa & Doug Textured Stencils and Stained Glass Paper Frames, also on sale for $4.99!


This heavy-duty truck was built for lifting rocks, rolling through mud puddles and overall just being awesome.  Crane really works!  Lights and sounds too!  And, the hood opens for maintenance.  Other trucks on sale too!


It loops!  It dives!  And it always comes back!  This amazing boomerang plane has no strings or magnets - just aerodynamic genius!  Perfect stocking stuffer!

There's lots of other great gifts on sale too!  Stop in to check out all the great holiday deals!

Have a chipper day!

-Child's Play