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School starts next week!

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Can you believe school starts next week? We're not quite ready either, but we have lots of fun toys to help everyone get back in the swing of things. Here's a few of our favorites:

Mobi Math Game, Ages 6+  $19.99

Love playing Bananagrams? Think of this as the math version of your favorite spelling game! Draw 7 tiles, then race to connect all your numbers. It's a fast, fun number game that's perfect for the whole family! Great for introducing numbers or building complex equations. The rules are easy to adjust based on player's skills. You + Mobi = Fun!

Whiffer Sniffer, Ages 3+  $7.99

Spruce up a backpack with a new buddy! Take Whiffer Sniffers scented backpack clips anywhere and share a "Whiff" with a friend. Their clip makes them easy to attach to a backpack or lunch bag! Each adorable Whiffer Sniffers character has his own realistic scent that will last for over a year. Fun to collect! Voted a top trend at this year's Toy Fair!

Squishables, from $19.99 - $49.99

Cuddly, cute and quirky! Wouldn't this be the cutest "First Day of School" gift?! Or a sweet "Going Away to College" gift! These are our best-selling stuffed animals. Have your heart set on a specific Squish? Call or email to check availability or place a special request. 

Happy Back to School!

-Child's Play