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"Seat Yourself" at Cinema 21

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Cinema 21 has launched the "Seat Yourself" Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to reseat the main auditorium.  Donations can be made now through September.  Please support our neighborhood movie theater!

Cinema 21, our independent, neighborhood theater has launched the "Seat Yourself" Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to replace the decades-old seats currently in place. Last year the theater added two new screens, and between the new screens and new seats the theater will be modernized and competitive in today's movie marketplace.  

Their hard goal will allow them to replace the seats on the main floor, but the stretch goal will be enough funds to cover replacement of the balcony too.  

Every dollar is appreciated, and every donor will receive a gift depending on the amount of the donation.  Check the official Kickstarter site for all the details.  

A few of the awesome prizes:

Watch the campaign video and get all the details here:
Donating isn't the only way to help.  Please share the campaign with your friends, family and co-workers. The success of the campaign depends on the whole neighborhood coming together. 

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Thanks for supporting our neighborhood theater!  Shop, eat and play local!