Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Silhouettes & Sasquatches!

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Click here to download and print your Sasquatch Drawing Contest form!

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Plus, we have awesome new toys!  Like these:


Pick a monster and rampage through Tokyo!  Roll the dice to pick your attack, buy special cards and earn victory points.  Just the right amount of strategy to keep older grade school kids and adults engaged, but not so much that the game is frustrating or sluggish.  Great for 2 or more players.  RAWR!!



Build a robot that walks, dances and rolls somersaults!  The attached booklet explains all the whys and hows - touching on concepts like gears, cranks and sensors.  Great rainy day fun!  Don't forget to pick up two AA batteries at checkout.


Hang it and they will come.  Birds, that is.  Fill your feeder and enjoy watching all the neighborhood birds come hang out.  Use the included Identification Cards to learn more about the birds.  Great activity to do with the grandkids!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

-Child's Play