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Slumber Party!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Like totally!  I'm not sure that's still a 'hip' thing to say anymore, but I do know slumber parties are still the most awesome way to hang out with your friends!  Here's a few suggestions for a totally rad sleepover!  (Is rad still a cool word?) Toys_in_Portland_ink-a-do_tattoo_pens

Every slumber party needs an activity, and this is pretty awesome!  Use the included stencils or try a free-form design!  Washes right off!


And, once everyone is all glittery from the tattoo pens, how about a nice board game?  Morphology is like Pictionary and Charades combined!  Select a card, build the word using the props provided and get your teammates to guess what the secret word is.  Incredibly creative and hilarious!  Can you already hear the slumber party giggles?!


Isn't something sugary always a must at a slumber party?!  These gummy lips are perfect.  Those giggles we were talking about earlier - these will help keep them going!

Have a totally awesome day!

-Child's Play