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Snack Time!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We love snack time!  Some of our favorite snacks are:  veggies dipped in hummus, orange slices, larabars, pretzels (dipped and undipped), cinnamon graham crackers and these Grape Caterpillars look tasty! grape_caterpillars_pinterest_recipes

What are your favorite snacks?  Have any new suggestions for us?

What's the best way to have your snack?  In a Boon snack box, of course!


We just got a new delivery of adorable Boon snack supplies, including this cute box above.  Here it is full of snacks!


There's also these adorable sippy cups!


And, for those who aren't quite ready for solid food.


Perfect for snack time or picnic time!

Have a delicious day!

-Child's Play