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So Many New Things!

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Hey!  So today we have a run down of a few new things!  Note:  these are only a small, minuscule, tiny, tiny sampling of all the new and exciting things in the store.  You'll have to stop by to see everything! Portland_Toys_Playmobil_Take_Along_Soccer_Match

Start your own Timbers team!  This set includes 6 players with real kicking action, 2 balls, a 33" x 22" field and more!  Kind of like foosball, but more awesome!  Pick one up before the next Timbers home game on May 20th!


While we're on the subject of sports...  Get in the Olympic spirit early with a set of adorable Smurf Athlete figurines!  Covering weightlifting, beach volleyball, track & field, swimming, gymnastics and equestrian events you're sure to find a favorite!  We like the horse rider who just so happens to be competing on a stick pony instead of a real horse!


Test your dexterity skills without playing Operation!  Bend the wire frame into puzzles of varying difficulty, then slide the metal wand over the puzzle without touching the wire.  We love that you control the difficulty of the puzzle.  Great for the whole family!  (And, unlike Operation you don't have to spend half of Family Fun Time trying to find the missing writer's block and getting the ankle bone connected to the knee bone.)


And, something special for the littlest ones out there.  These tugboats are brand new and oh so cute!  Not only do they float and have a detachable life buoy, they are also available in three "so right now" colors.  According to Pantone, the world wide authority on color, "comic book colors" - aka bright primary colors - are the in thing for kids.

And, don't forget to setup your Silhouette Portrait appointment with Karl Johnson, artist to Hollywood's stars!  Details on our events page, here.

Have a colorful day!

-Child's Play