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So many new things (and they're all awesome)!!!

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At the beginning of June we went the ASTRA toy show! A 2-day event full of toys and toys and more toys! We placed a lot of orders and now everything is starting to arrive! Our store is full of new, fun toys we ordered just for you. Here's three of our favorites. Stop in to see all the awesomeness!

Squishable Hedgehog with Tutu $19.99

Squishables just keep getting cuter! How do they do it?! This hedgehog ballerina is adorable. Heart stolen. Our Squishable stock is always changing, call or stop in to see what we have available.

Legends Soft Warriors Bow and Arrow by Zing, Ages 5+ $17.99

This is the perfect bow and arrow for taking to the park. It's scaled down size is easy to carry. The arrows have lightweight foam tips for safety. And, it comes with a quiver! None of our other bows and arrows come with something to keep the arrows in. Plus, it's from a Portland company, Zing Toys! 

Klixx, Ages 3+ $4.99

Best purse toy! It may not look like much, but Klixx is definitely awesome. When twisted it makes the perfect "click" noise, loud enough to be satisfying, subtle enough to not annoy the people around you. Great for travel, soothing anxieties, and fidgeting. You could even wear it as a bracelet!

What new, awesome things have you been loving?

-Child's Play