Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Some of your favorites are back in stock!

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Plasmacar, Ages 4+  $74.99

New Calico Critters!  Tuxedo Cat Family, Ages 4+  $24.99, 
Adventure Treasure Ship, Ages 4+  $32.99

Pick-a-Pig Card Game, Ages 8+  $9.99

Pictured clockwise from top left: Spirograph, Ages 8+  $29.99, Spirograph Travel Tin, Ages 8+  $14.99, Spirograph cyclex - with the discs hooked in!  Try it out at our front counter!, Ages 5+  $14.99

More coming soon!  Lots of old favorites and new toys are on their way!  Stay tuned for more!

Happy weekend!

-Child's Play