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Isn't he just so cute you want to eat him up??  (Ha, get it...)  Red Tricycle has 11 of the cutest and coolest lunches posted over on their site.  Here's the link.   What's your favorite?  Our toy expert Megan loves Wallace and Gromit, so her vote went there.  But Chewbacca is pretty awesome!  Man, it's hard to choose a favorite. Speaking of favorites, one of our favorite local mom businesses is having a special outing on Wednesday!  Join Baby Boot Camp for a kid and stroller friendly hike at Multnomah Falls!  The trail is paved, so take your strollers, a lunch (maybe one that looks like the pig above) and a snack to share!  The hike will take a few hours, but it's a beautiful area to be in.  Here's the details:  Wednesday, June 13  Meet at the NW Children's Theater @ 9 am, then carpool up to the falls. 

Need some exercise closer to home?  Baby Boot camp offers outdoor classes Mondays & Wednesdays at Wallace Park (NW 25th & Raliegh)  and Fridays at Washington Park (meet at the Elephant House which is near the big play structure)  9:30am-10:30am for all days.  If it looks like bad weather, check their facebook page.  And, for more details click here.

Have a healthful day!

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