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Sparkly Things and Noisemakers!

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There are two things one must have at midnight on New Year's Eve:  Sparkly Things and Noisemakers!  It's nice to have something to toast and sip or someone to steal a sweet kiss from, but really New Year's Eve is meant for making lots of noise and decking yourself out in lots of sequins, glitter and other reflective surfaces. So, stop in and pick up your sparkly things and noisemakers soon!


This sparkly yo-yo is totally meant for New Year's Eve celebrations!  It changes shape and color as you yo-yo.  Even simple tricks look awesome!  This will definitely keep everyone entertained while they're waiting for the ball to drop!


This is Kate's favorite sparkly thing in the store!  The flashing rainbow colors are awesome!  A must have - especially if you're doing any New Year's Eve dancing!


This bird makes a really fantastic "CLICK!"  Easy to use, wooden and made to last.  Plus, secondary use - after New Year's you could use it to help train your dog.  Click!

Toys_in_Portland_woodstock_mini _jambourine

When it comes to noisemakers tambourines are hard to beat.  And, this tambourine is not just any ol' tambourine.  It's a Jambourine.  Yeah!  Shake it, baby!

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Have a delightfully noisy day!

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