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Spooky Science!

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Disgusting Special Effects Make-up Kit, Ages 8+  $19.99

Just in time for Halloween!  Learn the science behind movie make-up!  Create gruesome cuts, burns & bruises (and learn the real science behind them.)  Turn yourself into a ghoul or monster.  This year you are going to have the best costume!

Bat House Kit, Ages 8+  $24.99 (Made in the USA!)

Did you know there are about 40 species of bats in the U.S. & Canada?  Did you know that this house, which is only 18" x 12", can house up to 30 bats?!  That's crazy!  In a very cool way.  Build your own bat house with this easy DIY kit.  You provide the hammer, they provide everything else.  For ages 8+, plus some adult supervision.  Made in the USA!

Carnivorous Creations, Ages 4+  $24.99

Grow your own spooky garden with this all-in-one kit!  Grow over 10 varieties of carnivorous plants.  Includes classics like the venus fly trap and pitcher plant, plus lesser known species such as trumpet and cobra plants.

With all these spooky science kits your house will look like a real-life haunted house!

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