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Stacking Cup Champion!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Nellie is quite the talented otter!  She lives in Tacoma at the Point Defiance Zoo and will be showing off her problem solving skills, along with other tricks at the zoo's upcoming Sea Otter Awareness Day on September 23rd.

Have an otter you want to teach cup stacking to?  We've got you covered.


Great for land, sand or bath time!  Nine washable cups in bright, primary colors with a different shape on the bottom of each cup!  Plus, some cups have holes to sprinkle water or sand through!  And, made in Denmark.  Great for kids or otters!


The little girl above looks so happy because she totally built a 2 foot tall tower out of her buckets!  And, after she knocks it over Godzilla style, she can put the lid on and make her bucket a shape sorter.  Awesome!  Great for the beach too!

Have a day full of cute and adorable things!

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