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Star Wars Day is Nov. 12th!

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Our annual Star Wars Day is only a week away! In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite Star Wars toys to help you get your fix before the big day. 

Death Star Perplexus, Ages 8+  $44.99

Master the maze and destroy the Death Star! Similar to other Perplexus games, it's like a classic marble maze game but you hold it in your hands. Twist and turn the Death Star to guide the marble through the maze. Use R2-D2's dome to navigate the x-wing starfighter to pick up and move the ball into different battle zones. Make it to the end for explosive lights and sounds!

Poe's X-Wing Fighter, Ages 8+  $89.99

In a toy store, not so far, far away... We always have a selection of Lego Star Wars sets on hand! Perfect for Star Wars lovers that are young, or young at heart. New sets arriving often. Ages 6+. Prices range from $14.99 - $89.99

Star Wars Folded Flyers by Klutz, Ages 8+  $19.99

Paper airplanes from a galaxy far, far away!  Make 30 paper starfighters, including x-wings, y-wings, TIE fighters, even the Millenium Falcon.  You'll be flying high with folding tips from Jedi masters, flying advice from the galaxy's greatest pilots and a Starfighters 101 guide. Well-written, illustrated instructions included. Everything is included, even tape!

May the force be with you!

-Child's Play