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Start a family tradition: Game Night!

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Creature Clash Card Game, Ages 6+, 2-6 players  $14.99

Add up your Creature Clash cards, say your creature's name and battle the other creatures.  The highest score wins!  Use creativity, wit and math to win!  Plus, make crazy, mixed-up animals like a Crocgaha (the head of a crocodile, the feet of a kangaroo and the tail of a piranha) or a Rhino-od-cuda (a Rhino head with a crocodile body and a barracuda tail!)

Beetle Bug, Ages 4+, 2-4 players  $9.99

Need a game for little ones?  This classic game plays similarly to Cooties.  Roll the die and build your beetle bug.  Be the first to complete your bug and you win!  Plus, the retro packaging is pretty heartwarming.

Doodle Quest, Ages 6+, 1-4 players  $24.99

Worried about a kid's game being too boring for mom & dad?  No need to fear here.  Doodle Quest is fun for all, and dad won't have to pretend to lose - it's tricky than it seems.  Choose a quest card, give it a good hard look and read the drawing instructions.  Now hide away the quest card, and on your transparent sheet complete the scene so that it fits into the scene.  Place your drawing on top of the quest card to see if you accomplished the mission!  

What are your favorite family board games?

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