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Start Your Shopping: Holiday Gift Ideas

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For the junior fashionista: Portland_Christmas_Gifts_for_Kids_my_perfume_maker_sentosphere

This DIY beauty kit was created by a perfumer so that children could create their own scents.  The 8 scents included allow kids to create fruity, green, vanilla and floral scents to use themselves or give as gifts.  We're thinking lavender and rose with a hint of orange blosson.  Made in France.

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For the young maestro:


Introduce your child to woodworking and music, all in one toy!  An ocarina is an ancient flute-like instrument.  It's what Zelda plays in the Nintendo video games.  This kit includes 8 precision cut pieces of wood and instructions.  You'll only need to supply glue, sandpaper and a little adult supervision.  Sized perfect for stockings!  Made in the USA.

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For the "recently moved out of town and miss Portland dearly" family friends:


This game plays just like the original Monopoly, but with Portland landmarks in lieu of the standard boardwalks, gardens and railroads.  Play the game and you could be the proud owner of Forest Park, the Oregon Zoo or Powell's.  Each square contains a Portland reference, even the railroads are renamed to reflect our own trams and streetcars.  And, it's made in the USA!

Have a fantastic day!

-Child's Play